Finbarr Clarke

"I Am Mentally Stronger & Happier Than Ever"

Finbarr Clarke

It’s been a year since I first walked into the Fundamental Body and I sometimes struggle to believe how far I have come since November 15. I say struggle because before I met Ciaran and started training in his gym , any gym work or nutrition I tried before was a massive struggle. Ciarans knowledge, expertise and his ability to give his members the confidence they need to blow every session out of the water is something I have never come across. 12 months on I’m 2 stone lighter, fitter than I have ever been and stronger than I could ever imagined..all this having just turned 40. More importantly I am mentally stronger and happier than ever. I have achieved all this while having the best fun and meeting a lot of awesome people. I bounce into the gym 3/4 times a week because I know I will leave stronger and healthier than I walked in. Go on, become a Fundamentaler,it will change your life.

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