Charlotte Lewis

"You Will Have All the Support & Craic"

Charlotte Lewis

There are countless gyms out there to choose from but there are very few who invest so much time and dedication to not just running classes but actually educating you on all the things you need for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. This is exactly what you get when you join The Fundamental Body. Ciarán will give you all the tools and education you need in everything from movement, nutrition, mindfulness and getting strong amongst many other necessities for a healthy lifestyle. What makes The Fundamental Body stand out from the crowd is the fact that Ciarán invests everything into helping you succeed, holds you accountable for your own efforts to achieve your goal and you have all the support and craic with the other members who have now affectionately become know as the Fundamentalers :-) Great gym, amazing coaches and the best “family” you could wish to workout with. Ciarán and Larisse work well together to improve your overall lifestyle. I feel more confident, energetic and healthier than I’ve ever felt since joining. I highly recommend this gym for everyone at any fitness level.

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