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Is the head coach who spends his life dedicated to helping others achieve what they never thought they could do. He wastes no time taking half naked selfies for instnascam , and instead aims to share his knowledge of training, nutrition and how you can get better results in less time without wasting endless hours in the gym. Ciaran has a background in football, but a busy schedule meant he couldn’t commit to playing. After 4 years out of training and becoming extremely unfit. He didn’t want to wake up one day realising he’d wasted his best years. He came up with The Fundamental Body to help other people reaching their (unknown) potential, and to make them stronger both physically and mentally.


Larisse has experienced first hand how a proper strength & conditioning program can impact one’s life. A busy work and college schedule left Larisse feeling like the only time she could “switch off” or feel better about herself was when eating her favorite foods. A combination of health problems and feeling that her unwanted weight gain was affecting her self esteem. ​She made a decision to change. But only after trying numerous quick fixes and bashing the cardio machines, she realised a different approach was needed. Larisse discovered that strength training was the way forward. And that she could still eat all her favourite foods too. Fast forward 2 years, she’s fitter, healthier, and stronger. Oh and she’s dropped 20kgs of fat along the way. Larisse’s on a mission to show girls and guys that you can literally sculpt the body you want using barbells and dumbbells as your chisel...and it’s super fun too.

We're an awesome, super helpful team who have first hand experience with how difficult it can be to change your body and life. We are busy professionals who aim to make The Fundamental Body the best part of your day - and the last solution you will ever need.