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About Us

Here’s a quick & bold statement for those in the Trim & surrounding area who want to reach their prime in an incredible effective way...despite busy schedules.

“Changing your body and turning your life around is simpler than you think. We take care of all your training programming, customize your nutrition to meet your goals, and educate you on what works, and what doesn't (just as important). All you have to do is show up. We'll take care of the rest.”

Who Can We Help?

Our training methods are designed for those who want to look, feel and perform better. Both inside and outside of the gym. Most of the guys that you see training at The Fundamental Body started their journey with a small, or no amount of training. We help people who are inexperienced, and those that are experienced but need a bigger challenge.

If you're willing to follow our proven system, we guarantee your success.

Here's a brief list of those that we help:

  • Those that think they're too busy to see any results
  • Those that just want to increase their energy levels and not crash at their desk after lunch every day
  • Those that are looking to follow a properly designed strength & conditioning program to increase strength and fitness levels to levels they've never experienced before.
  • Are no longer getting results from their current program
  • Who want to drop fat (be it reduce the belly, ditch the moobs, or get rid of stubborn back fat)
  • If you don't like the impersonal touch of a normal commercial gym
  • Need some extra support and accountability
  • Find going to a gym or your current training program boring as hell and all you do is yawn.
  • Want to be educated and know what exactly you need to do to reach your goals.

Who We Can't Help?

The only people we can't help is those that aren't willing to meet us half-way and to do the work. We cater for the “highly motivated eager to start” type, to the “unsure but know it's the right thing to do” type.. But you must be willing to listen, learn and give 100% when you show up. Leave the rest for us.

Stephen Mahon

Before I came to the fundamental body I felt very overweight, sluggish, unfit and no motivation. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and found myself resenting myself for the choices I made to end up in the shape I was in.

My fears before joining was not knowing anyone and would the people there be more advanced than me and make me feel even worse about myself. Also would the trainer be any use and actually know what he was on about. My lack of motivation and just downright laziness had stopped me up until this point.

When I first arrived over to the fundamental body in Trim all fears went out the window. Everyone there was friendly and pretty much in the same boat as me. Somewhere further on but you never felt like you were out of place or inadequate. I signed up straight away as you could clearly see the trainer Ciaran knew exactly what he was on about and had a great passion for his job. His techniques are brilliant and his attention to detail to make sure you're always safe when lifting but me at instant ease.

Since starting the program I've lost 7kg which is a huge achievement for me. I feel healthier, stronger and fitter. I have more confidence and it has helped my anxiety.

With having a trainer I push myself harder than I would have before and I know that what I'm doing is right and it's working. I never thought I'd be able to achieve what I am now and it's all down to the programme and my trainer.

It's great to meet other people and to put yourself out there.”

Jackie Rankin
Laura Maher

I started at The Fundamental Body four months after having my first baby so weight loss was my main goal. I had exercised all the way through my pregnancy so was really eager to get back to doing classes and get back into the skinny jeans! The class turned out to be completely different to what I expected but in the best way possible. I have never lifted weights before this and was really shocked with how enjoyable it was and how quickly the inches came off. Since starting in July 2015 I have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy shape but more importantly I have gotten stronger than I ever thought I could be. Ciaran is really passionate about what he does and genuinely wants to see people get the most out of their training sessions and achieve their fitness goals, whatever they might be. I am so glad I kept that flyer and didn't join the local gym!”

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